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Our Online Reservations are easy to understand and complete.  If you plan to stay only one night use this Daily Reservation . If you want to select a boarding plan use this Leisure/Economy/Club Baron Reservation . (The comments line allows you to write in “Club Baron Plan“.)Should you forget a line in the process a helpful reminder will walk you back to the forgotten information. Once completed just click to send! An ‘auto-response’ will acknowledge your reservation and verify you’ve entered your email address correctly.Once your reservation is received the dates are checked for availability.We respond within two days upon receiving your dates. If you prefer to call in your dates you can phone us and leave a message at: 508-343-0738.

PRINTING out your boarding forms:
When you bring your pet you need to have the appropriate forms with your check.  (Club Baron participants may make payments up to two months before the date of arrival, at which time payment must be completed in full.) Attach your check made payable to: Jerri Streeter with these non-Club pet owner forms: WaiverHS, Pet Boarding Agreement, and Client Information Sheet. To print the form just click on its title and select the print icon. You may want to print two so that you have a copy. Then simply fill out and sign the forms you need to bring.  If you mail in your Reservation Form rather than using the online option, be sure to print and include a Client Information form.     Club Plan Requests: use this link then print and mail: Club Baron Forms.

Mail to: 24 Willard Ave, Rehoboth, Ma 02769



Home-Stay:  While you’re away they relax and play!!

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